What's New?

Here are the latest products that we've added to the Tone Ninja parts line:

Roller Bridges

Tone Ninja Nashville Roller Bridges

09/20/2022: Another of Tone ninja's new high quality, affordably priced hardware line, these Nashville Metric K-Series makes a great upgrade for import instruments that use Tune-o-Matic bridges.


Tine Ninja Straplocks

08/20/2022: Part of Tone ninja's new high quality, affordably priced hardware line, these Schaller-Style Straplocks are easily installed and could save you from costly repairs caused by a slipped strap. Available in Black, Chrome, Black Nickel and Gold, and sold in pairs.

Baritone Locking Tuners

Tone Ninja Baritone Locking Tuners

08/19/2022:  Now available for the first time, Tone Ninja Baritone sets in both 3x3 and 6 inline (staggered and non-staggered) are available in all our usual finishes.

With a maximum string gauge of 0.095" these tuners will handle most common Baritone string sets for guitars.

Compensated Tele Saddles

Tone Ninja Telecaster Compensated Saddles

10/01/2021: If you need that vintage look on a Telecaster, but want better intonation than you can acheive with stock saddles, you need to check out our compensated saddle sets in two sizes (1/4" and 5/16") and four finishes (Brass, Steel, Aluminum and Stainless Steel)

Traditional tuners

Tone Ninja Traditional 3x3 19:1 Tuners

10/10/2020: New Tone Ninja Traditional Vertical tuners in 3x3 sets. Available now in Chrome, Black and Gold.

Banjo tuners

Tone Ninja Planetary Gear Banjo Tuners

10/10/2020: New Tone Ninja Banjo tuners with Planetary gears and in 4+1 sets (4 Planetary gear tuners and 1 Fifth string tuner). Available now in Chrome and Gold

Locking tuners

Tone Ninja 7 String Locking tuner sets

02/28/2020: New 3x4, 4x3 and inline 7 String sets are now available for the popular Tone Ninja 19:1 locking tuners in all colors and finishes.

Tuner Buttons

Tone Ninja Q Series Tuner Buttons

02/17/2020: Based on the popular Schaller M6 tuner button (often referred to as the 07 style or D07), the new Tone Ninja Q series of tuner buttons offer several exciting new firsts, including more tuner mounts and new finishes


Tone Ninja Natural Picks

01/15/2020: Picks made from all natural materials such as bone, horn and wood. Each one paints a unique tone.

Vintage tuners

Tone Ninja Vintage Tuners

09/30/2019: Classic stamped steel tuners for vintage correct appearance, with Tone Ninja quality

Diecast tuners

Tone Ninja Classic Diecast tuners

09/30/2019: High quality, affordable, Tone Ninja die-cast tuners in all standard finishes and withg many button options, available for most guitars

Locking tuners

Tone Ninja Locking Guitar Tuners

07/12/2019: High quality, affordable, Tone Ninja locking tuners. Enough said.