What's New?

Here's the latest products that we've added to the Tone Ninja parts line:

Tone Ninja 7 String Locking tuner sets

02/28/2020: New 3x4, 4x3 and inline 7 String sets are now available for the popular Tone Ninja 19:1 locking tuners in all colors and finishes.

Tone Ninja Q Series Tuner Buttons

02/17/2020: Based on the popular Schaller M6 tuner button (often referred to as the 07 style or D07), the new Tone Ninja Q series of tuner buttons offer several exciting new firsts, including more tuner mounts and new finishes

Tone Ninja Natural Picks

01/15/2020: Picks made from all natural materials such as bone, horn and wood. Each one paints a unique tone.

Tone Ninja Vintage Tuners

09/30/2019: Classic stamped steel tuners for vintage correct appearance, with Tone Ninja quality

Tone Ninja Classic Diecast tuners

09/30/2019: High quality, affordable, Tone Ninja die-cast tuners for most guitars

Tone Ninja Locking Guitar Tuners

07/12/2019: High quality, affordable, Tone Ninja locking tuners. Enough said.

Tone Ninja Class A Tune-o-Matic tailpieces

07/05/2018: probably the best Tune-on-Matic tailpieces in the world. Made in the USA. 

Tone Ninja Class A Tune-o-Matic Bridges

07/05/2018: Tone Ninja Class A - probably the best Tune-on-Matic bridges in the world. Made in the USA.  Pictured:  TN-CLPNSHV-SC Class A Precision Locking machined Steel Nashville bridge.

Tone Ninja Chrome Plated Kobs

07/02/2018: Domed and flat-top knobs in chrome plate. Push on fit for regular splined shaft pots. Pictured: Tone Ninja Chrome plated flat-top tophat knob TN-KNB-L23

Tone Ninja Plated Knurled 1/4" Switchtips

07/02/2018: Switch tips in chrome and gold plate with knurling for 1/4" Switchcraft type switches. Pictured: Tone Ninja Chrome plated Knurled switchtip TN-SWT-C25

Tone Ninja Tremolo Tips for PRS

03/11/2017: Tremolo tips for PRS available now in most Tone Ninja woods and finishes. Pictured: Tone Ninja Tortoiseshell style tremolo tip

Tone Ninja Bird Inlaid 'Lampshade' knobs

3/11/2017: The latest upgrade knobs for PRS guitars (although they fit most guitars) are the Tone ninja 'Lampshade' knobs with inlaid Abalone birds. Available in most woods and finishes. Use with matching Tone Ninja parts, or on their own! Pictured: Hard Rock Maple Lampshade knob with abalone bird inlay.

Colored Nuts!

01/20/2017: New for Winter NAMM (and as far as we know, first time anywhere) Tone Ninja lubricated engineered replacement nuts in color. Red, Blue and Green available in all Tone Ninja nut formats. Pictured: Nuts for Gibson guitars in Green, Blue and Red.

Tone Ninja Exotic Wood rear cover plates

12/05/2016: PRS Rear cover plates in exotic materials - the latest addition to the Tone Ninja lineup. Made from solid wood and available in singles or in matched pairs. Pictured: matched set of Madagascar Rosewood covers.

Tone Ninja Exotic Wood P90 Pickup covers

11/11/2016: We've just added P90 Pickup covers in exotic materials - CNC'd from a solid block of wood and available in singles or in matched pairs. Pictured: pair of Hard Rock Maple P90 covers.

'Leopard Style' buttons

10/15/2016: We've just added the first 'leopard style' tuner buttons, these are initially available for Sperzel tuners in #2 style only. More to come! These really add a touch of kitsch. Pictured: Tone Ninja Leopard Style Sperzel #2 button on a Sperzel Trim-lock finished in Satin Gold.

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