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Tone Ninja locking tuner sets are available in Chrome, Black, Black Nickel, Gold, Nickel and Satin Chrome.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

6 String sets are available as 3x3, 4x2, 6 Inline Staggered, 6 Inline non-staggered, 7 string sets as 3x4, 4x3 and 7 Inline, 8 string sets as 4x4 and 8 inline, and 6x6 set for 12 string guitars. All tuner sets are available in both right handed and left handed configurations. Baritone sets are available in 3x3, 6 Inline and 6 Inline staggered for baritone and alternate tuning 6 string guitars. Special Configurations are available on request.

Fits most guitars with 10mm (modern) peg head holes

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