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About Us

Why Tone Ninja?

A guitar isn't just an inanimate object that you might happen to own, it's many things to many people. To some, it's the interface between their musical brain and the rest of humanity. To others it's an outward statement of their individuality, a statement of who they are, a visible marker of their journey. That list is endless, but one thing is for sure, your bond with your guitar is unique, and you want it to reflect the part of you that made it so.

That's where we come in.

The Tone Ninja brand consists of three main product lines, all aimed at providing unique, high quality upgrades to guitarists everywhere. Tone Ninja nuts are a significant upgrade that affects an instrument's playability and stability as well as it's tone. The Tone Ninja Exotic Material parts line offers unique and straightforward customization parts with options that can make a guitar distinctive and uniquely yours. Finally (but by no means least) our range of high quality bridge and tuner hardware unleashes a vast range of playability customization options.

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