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TuneHues Colored Dress Washers for your Guitar Tuners

Tone Ninja TuneHues are a simple, affordable way to customize your guitar. 

There are two models, the TH100 and the TH200:

The TH100 replaces the nylon washer on your tuner button shaft, and installs in less than a minute, all you need is a screwdriver. Available in Red, Purple*, Blue* and Green* and in sets of six, seven and eight, the TH100 will fit most popular guitar tuners such as Tone Ninja, Hipshot, Grover and Kluson. (Will not fit Sperzel or Schaller tuners).

The TH200 replaces the washer between the hex head nut on the front of your headstock and the headstock itself. It is also available in Red, Purple, Blue and Green and in sets of six, seven and eight. The TH200 will fit any guitar tuner that installs with a hex head nut (not a press-in bushing).


TuneHues dress washers look good on almost all finishes of tuners, and bring a unique upgrade touch to your rig.

(*Red available now, other colors available approx end March 2024)


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