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Tone Ninja USA Made Slotted Nut Flat bottomed Fender, Musicman White TN-NUT-002-W1

This makes the 4th Tone Ninja nut I have installed on a guitar. I used this particular one as a replacement for the nut on a 1982 Ibanez Blazer BL-470 SB. Just like the others I have installed, this one required minimal modification for fitment. The quality of the nut is great - dense, slippery and toneful. No string binding and improved tuning. Call me a fan. Next time I replace a nut I will likely use a Tone Ninja.

Tom W

Tone Ninja USA Made Slotted Acoustic White TN-NUT-006-W1

Product does as described, it made my old ovation acoustic clear and crisp again. A little fine tuning for fit and it works perfect. I would recommend it to my fellow musicians. Thanks for a great product.

Randy G

Tone Ninja USA Made Slotted Nut for Gibson Black TN-NUT-004-B1

Replaced the original Corian nut on a 2013 Gibson SG Future Tribute to address tuning issues. Easy installation with minimal sanding/modification. In fact, the nut slots worked just fine without any filing at all. Nut material is naturally slippery and of uniform density as advertised. My tuning issues are now resolved.

Tom W

Hello, I just wanted to let you know I really like the tone of your guitar nuts. Any chance you will make an aged cream color Gibson type/ spec nut? I have a white one on an Oscar Schmidt Goldtop and I’d love to match the cream binding it has. I used Graphtech until I came across your products. I notice that your Guitar nuts have a rounder or smoother tone that is very close to some bone I have used. The Graphtech Tusq seem to have more aggressive midrange character, but they sound sterile on clean tones. I did a comparison with Tusq and yours and although the tone is brighter with Tusq, your Tone Ninja nuts seem to sound better in the guitars I’ve put them in. Thanks, Aaron

Aaron N

Tone Ninja USA Made Slotted 43mm (e.g. PRS SE) Nut Black TN-NUT-007-B1
Inexpensive, perfect fit, arrived quickly and instantly fixed my PRS's tuning issue. I didn't have to sand it at all. I would recommend this to all musicians!

Rich S

Tone Ninja USA Made Slotted Nut for Epiphone, PRS, Black TN-NUT-005-B1 
replaced the nut on an Epiphone Special. The nut need very little size adjusting and the string spacing is perfect.


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